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Page Fehling is an American weekday morning Reporter from 4:30 – 9:00 AM on Fox 46 morning show.


Page Fehling Biography

A wise person said, “Mommy, all the good stuff is in Charlotte.” The wise person was her 5-year old son, and he was right on. Greetings people of the Queen City.

I’m Page Fehling and if you’re an insomniac, the parent of a newborn or just a bleary-eyed lover of local morning television, I’m your new best friend. I’m excited to hang with you weekday mornings from 4:30 – 9:00 AM on Fox 46 morning show, “Good Day Charlotte!” Page grew up right outside of Washington, D.C.

but they have lived in North Carolina for almost 20 years. Page stint in the Tar Heel state began… well… as a Tar Heel, at UNC-Chapel Hill. She “played” softball on her freshman year (hence the glory days photo you see here), he quickly decided to leave the softball to ladies with skills far superior to her own and concentrated on something that she was better at: While talking into a camera. Page graduated with a journalism degree and then spent two years in a Peace Corps in Honduras digging latrines.

Page life took only slightly more glamorous turn when, upon completion of her Peace Corps service, she moved to New York City to wear navy blue polyester and make barely enough money to live on Ramen noodles as an NBC Page.

During Page time says Page she met the man of her dreams over a “Dumb and a Dumber” movie line quote-off. It was Love at first sight. Sorry, I knew it started with an ‘S.’ Fast forward to today… and now I’m in love with three men and one woman…. she means her kids. Says that I’m married to one of them and gave birth to the other three, so that’ll teach you to jump to conclusions. Part-time hosting, reporting jobs in New York led to a full-time gig at WNCN in Raleigh and now brings me here to FOX 46 Charlotte.

My husband, And our three knuckleheads now live on the same street as seven other members of my family, If that doesn’t make you think I’m insane then maybe this will: I love waking up at 2 AM and bringing you your morning news every day. Pinky swear. She says my favorite thing in the world is hearing and telling stories, I love doing both every day on “Good Day Charlotte.” Turns us on and let us keep you company while you are getting ready for your day… I’ll see you there.

Page Fehling Age

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Page Fehling Husband

Fehling was born and grew up in Falls Church, Virginia, outside Washington, D.C., but have lived in North Carolina for almost 20 years. Page and her family live in Union County on one big family compound. Page lives on the same street as her brother, wife, and kids, sister-in-law and her kids.

Page Fehling Family

Page is married to Jake Fehling and together they have three children: Crawford, Calloway, and June. Page and Jake

Page Fehling Children

Page Fehling has three kids which are Crawford, Calloway, and June.

Page Fehling Salary

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Page Fehling Net Worth

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