Kiunjuri unveils new party ahead of 2022 elections

Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri has launched a new political party ahead of the 2022 general election.

Mr Kiunjuri unveiled The Service Party (TSP) in Nairobi saying it will offer “alternative leadership that the country needs”.

“TSP is determined to pave a genuine path for those who are looking to become change makers in the interest of service to the people. We will be unequivocal about service delivery.

“We will be the voice of the people and TSP will show them how to approach politics differently,” Mr Kiunjuri said.

The party, which became the 82nd political party to be registered in the country, has yellow, white, red and navy blue as its colours with a heart inside a circle as its symbol.

“This symbol is our promise to serve the people of Kenya,” he said.

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The former Agriculture minister immediately ruled out the possibility of seeking the Laikipia gubernatorial seat in the 2022 election.

Though this could be interpreted to mean that he may be going for the presidency in the 2022 race, Mr Kiunjuri, in what could confound both friend and foe, said that he may push the agenda of TSP in his position as the chairman.

This could be buttressed by the fact that he recognised parties are formed to assume government and that “if outside, to influence the government policy.”

“Kenyans should not think that they can only serve when they are elected,” he said noting that the party will field candidates in all elective positions across the country.

He however acknowledged that he knows that the road ahead will not be smooth and incidents of harassment are bound to happen.